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February 27, 2008


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Nick Commons-Miller

Ha ha, that's so ironic, because the European renaissance actually started because of ideas that spread from the Muslim world. (which had been the intellectual and scientific center of the world for hundreds of years)


Um no, no...

The idea of separation of church and state was what started the renaissance and that idea has never been prevelant in the Muslim world.

But once again, Nick, you prefer to spout propaganda without doing the research.

Now I look forward to your typical incredulity filled response that someone dared take you task.

Nick Commons-Miller

My typical response that you are continually unable to debunk and that you dismiss only out of your own arrogance?

Prefer to spout propaganda? Please point out where I have done so before. I tend to not only evaluate anything I hear, but also reevaluate my own beliefs, generally with exhaustive research. (though occasionally, I get lazy, though it this case I will admit that I do not know)

Nice job being supremely arrogant and assuming things about me when you don't know a damn thing, literally, not a damn thing. You haven't talked to me in person once in your life.

You mean the separation of church and state that existed in Italy in the 1300s? You mean the Italy ruled by the Roman Catholic Church? I somehow doubt it... I will admit though that I could potentially be mistaken in this. If you can point out historically that in the 14th century the Papacy did not hold very significant power over Italy or that the Renaissance did not start in the 14th century, but hundreds of years later when Italy was secular, then I would believe you.

Try being a little less arrogant next time and actually take the time to not only reevaluate your are saying but also ensure that you have done the research to know what you are talking about. Though I guess I can't say absolutely that you haven't, but the fact that you post historical fact contrary to mine that you posit as valid without a single reference is ridiculous. You are damn right I am doubtful, though it isn't because "someone dared take [me] task," but because you aren't saying anything useful.

By the way, I have made admissions and even ceded that what I say may not be absolute. Where have you changed your viewpoint or ceded anything, even when you can't form a single valid counterargument?

You call me arrogant, hypocritical, etc. but then demonstrate that you are the one who is acting arrogantly or hypocritically. Not only one time either. Maybe you really need to reevaluate both your views of yourself and of other people, because there seems to be multiple things that you are not understanding here.

Please, if you have anything valid to refute what I am saying, reply with a valid intellectual argument.

Hell, if you can even show how I have been arrogant, and when you have made a valid point that I have outright ignored, and can prove that you have given absolute or even just better evidence to the contrary (which means either an argument strong enough to refute or a reference that disproves what I am saying), even that would be fine. Just don't say these little three line intellectually void insults that provide neither good justification, nor references, nor anything else that could put them in the realm of intellectual validity.

Nick Commons-Miller

And please, feel free to try to point out specific ways in which my posts imply that I am outraged because I couldn't believe "that someone dared take you task."

I may seem a little pissed, but that MIGHT be because your comments consist of mainly insults as well as incorrect and rude assumptions about who I am and what I have done (which you literally don't know about at all). Not to mention that they contain little or no explanation or justification for what you are saying. I mean, all of that might be a little more of a clear reason why I might act like I do. Apparently though, you are too preoccupied to even try taking my perspective.

You can't insult someone and then expect them to not be pissed, and then use the fact that they are pissed because you insulted them as a justification for your assumptions. Well, I suppose you technically can and have, but of course the point is that it is obviously invalid.

Nick Commons-Miller

Beyond all of that, how can you cite me for not doing research when you denied the existence of biological evidence for homosexuality, and I specifically pointed out that it exists? You also took (or defended, if that was not your article) a statement from a book that is clearly a propaganda book (which I am pretty sure of, because it is by a political activist who campaigns against homosexuality, not any kind of neutral observer. It also lied about the scientific evidence, which might be another large hint). Considering that, how can you cite me for listening to propaganda without doing research? The magnitude and frequency of hypocracy in your statements leaves me in awe.

Nick Commons-Miller

*there seem to be

Nick Commons-Miller

And to make good on the point of references, I will post on the previous article about homosexuality and health references to some of the biological studies (on this new website, not on the old one).

Nick Commons-Miller

To be fair though, Italy was not under the absolute power of the Papacy, so "rule" is not accurate (not for all of Italy at least). On the other hand, the governments that did rule various parts of Italy did not have separation of church and state.

Nick Commons-Miller

Also, whether I am arrogant or not or whether I am responding with incredulity at someone questioning me would have no bearing on whether my response has good intellectual content or not. The fact that you would use such a statement to replace an actual intellectual examination of what I am saying just shows how little you honestly care about being intellectual or having honest, productive conversation. You would rather just diss me so you can try to discount me and what I am saying without even pausing to consider either. That way you can arrogantly continue in your set views, with nary a challenge that could shift your thoughts.

Nick Commons-Miller

Sorry, I went waaaaay too far.

I just hope you can reflect back upon yourself and see how unreasonable you have been acting. (not that I wasn't unreasonable in response, but that does not negate the fact that you have to take a look at what you have been doing)

Other than that, I would like to carry on the intellectual debate regarding this topic, if you are willing.

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