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April 03, 2008


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Zach Baum

Being someone who believes in the effects of global warming and the need for our attention to be called towards it, I agree with this article, especially the last point saying that An Inconvenient truth should facilitate debate not end it. The only big suggestion I have regarding its writing is that if the last point was included earlier in the article it would be much stronger. By not including it until the end I believe you may loose many of the readers who you most wish to target: those who disagree with you.

Joel V


That might be true. Hopefully I didn't lose too many readers. In case it wasn't clear in my article I want people to recognize that the global warming debate and all of its periphery issues are hardly a shut case. I myself have no idea what's up with the climate and would like to see academics debating this honestly, not have a politician give me a science lesson.

Carl Lundgren

Perhaps Gore didn't include a representation of the Medieval Warming Period and Little Ice Age because he did enough research to learn that they're largely myths. Changes in weather patterns over a short period of time (geologically speaking) don't say anything about overall climate change. Even if they were true, the huge spike in CO2 levels in the past hundred years certainly don't have any other explanation than human activity. Gore still has plenty of other things for which to be criticized. This is not one of them.

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