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April 16, 2008


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Nick Commons-Miller

Criticism of America means that someone hates America?

I don't think that is true. All that means is that someone doesn't agree with the current systems that exist in America. It doesn't mean someone hates America.

That is my start. You have systematically failed to prove your points, and I'm going to give a full criticism, because I can't stand such a badly thought out piece, especially because of the clear self-assurance present in your writing voice. I will if I end up having the time, at least.

John Speed

I am glad that the Observer took the time to listen to and comment on Noam Chomsky.

Unfortunately just as Ms. Meyer laments the lack of substance in Chomsky's speech, her review is infused with a bitter seige mentality endemic to the republicans of this campus that ultimately detracts from her argument.

I want to point out one flaw in Ms. Meyer's worldview. Her assertion that "the mindset of Islamic extremists seems to be epitomized more by a suicide bomber than Machiavelli"fails simple thought experiments. The elites of any state, even Iran, would not risk the passing on a nuclear weapon to a sub-state actor. They value the territorial sovereignty of their state and surely also wish to cling to power. Furthermore, Iran currently has biological weapons but has not distributed them to Hezbollah or the Sadr army. Perhaps, Iran is more 'rational' than Ms. Meyer appreciates.

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