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August 27, 2008


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Nick Commons-Miller

There is no truth found in sticking yourself to a political ideology. Political ideologies are merely systems of logical rules creating a representation of how societies work, along with a form of society logically extending from these rules as the ideal society. All political ideologies have some basis in reality, but all are biased, and all are primarily about a certain interpretation of reality. People also tend to get stuck firmly on political ideologies. None of them are like scientific research, where theories and beliefs (in regards to assumptions about society, especially historical knowledge of previous societies) are constantly questioned, reevaluated, and empirically examined to find a set of data and logical interpretation of the data that accurately guages reality.

The only way to find the truth about how society works is to think about them openly and empirically.

Nick Commons-Miller

*societies work

Nick Commons-Miller

All of that said, reading different viewpoints and debating with people who have them can bring us to a better understanding of issues.

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